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No couch, no recounting your past, nothing "traditional.”


Pascale Piquet
The Codependency Specialist

Can't find the strength to leave a painful relationship?
Just broke up (no matter who's decision) and you're suffering?
Want to break up but you don't know how?
Desperately searching for the right person because you can't stand being alone?
No more relationships. You've suffered enough!
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Lisa Nichols and Pascale Piquet

Jill Lublin and Pascale Piquet

Wondering if you're codependent? Even worse, how do you detect those who are?

5 Questions

5 questions to detect codependency in your new love interest, right from the start:


1) How is the relationship with his/her parents?

If it's good: all is well.

If it's bad: smells like a case of codependency.

2) How is the relationship with his/her exes?

If he/she says, “they're all like this” or “they're all like that,” poses as the victim, and systematically attracts dependent people that cause him/her pain: run!

If he/she answers, “I've been through hell, but I've read a lot and had some coaching to try and understand why my relationships didn't work:” that's good!

3) His/her concept of a couple?

If it's the same as yours: all is well.

If it's, “Every man for himself“ or “separate living arrangements”: it's not a couple but sexual fast food!

4) Where does he/she see themselves in 5 years?

If it's happy, in a family, with great common projects including children: great!

If it's aboard a sailboat on the South Seas, or alone in a desert island raising sheep: you are not part of the plan.

5) What regrets does he/she have?
If he/she regrets getting divorced: you'll be living a “ménage à trois!” If he/she regrets not getting a degree, not traveling the world, or anything else: smells like bitterness a mile out!

If he/she says, “I don't have any regrets!”: you've found a person who loves life and lives the moment instead of crying over the past.

Want to know more? Read The Tarzan Syndrome (available only in French but soon to be published in English)

Why suffer any longer? I'm here to help you!.

First step: Regain your autonomy

Deprogram everything that pushes you into submission in a relationship: your need for affection and recognition, and your savior syndrome. You've learned to care for others before yourself and to feel responsible for their well-being. It's never enough; you're left exhausted, with nothing in return.

Together, we'll rebuild your self-confidence and self-esteem that has been shattered by partners with no regard. You'll reclaim your place and your self-worth. You'll be ready to meet someone who has self-respect and who respects you too.


Love is unconditional: It's giving AND receiving.

Dependency has conditions: It's giving OR receiving.

You give everything to receive affection and recognition from someone who gives you little or nothing in return.

Stop the pattern and reclaim your freedom!

We'll work on finding solutions, not reasons, for the future, not the past. You team up with me to uncover what makes you suffer and I will coach you to:

• Modify your behavior by developing your skills and abilities

• Conquer your fears and overcome your pain

• Improve your life and find happiness

From the first session, we determine your goals and start finding your solutions. You'll leave with a strategy and new life-changing tools.
During the next sessions, you develop other skills and abilities until you reach and consolidate your goal. Within 4 to 6 sessions you will have reached your objective.

Techniques at your disposal

NLP is a brief therapy that acts on your subconscious like hypnosis. Consciously, you know that you should leave a destructive relationship, that you should quit smoking or drinking, that a little bitty spider is harmless, or that you lack self-confidence, but you are helpless; it's stronger than you. You have to act at a subconscious level. Thanks to NLP and hypnosis, your body's memory, biodecoding, shiatsu and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), we deprogram your negative memory and your suffering to install new positive and fulfilling behavior patterns.


Suffered enough?

Act now! I will help you.

Constant Crisis Support

In case of a crisis during your Intensive Proactive Coaching period, I will support you and remain accessible at all times between sessions, by phone and email, to help you manage your anxiety, panic attacks, fears, doubts, etc., until they totally disappear. In times like those, you need support. I am there! (No additional fees – all included in the package).


What would you like to fix?

Codependency, break-up, anxiety, depression, guilt, fear, phobias, tobacco, alcohol, gambling, drugs, trauma, anguish, low self-confidence, low self-esteem, insomnia, relationship problems, career reorientation, peer domination on the job, problems with authority, family, starting a business, learning to let go? Whatever your pain or your need, invest in your future: that's where you'll be spending the rest of your life!

Co-dependency: it is a bad programming that you can deprogram!

Co-dependency and emotional dependency: The Tarzan Syndrome!

Britney Spears: A force of nature!



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